Danielle Eubank

curriculum vitae

1994 M.F.A., University of California, Los Angeles, CA    
1991 B.A., University of California, Los Angeles, CA  
  2015 Capelli d'Angeli FOUNDATION GRANT, Capelli d’Angeli Foundation, Canton CT USA    
  2014 POLLOCK-KRASNER FOUNDATION GRANT, Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York, NY USA    
    CREATIVE CAPACITY FUND GRANT, Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles, CA USA    
    SPIRIT OF LOUISVILLE AWARD, Louisville Metro Council, Louisville, KY USA    
  2011 FIRST PLACE AWARD, Aquarium of the Pacific, Urban Ocean Festival Exhibition    
  2008 FIRST PLACE AWARD, Southern California Open Regional Exhibition    

WATER WORKS, Channel Islands Maritime Museum, Oxnard, CA USA

  2012 DANIELLE EUBANK, The Ebell of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA USA    
  2011 PHOENICIA, Thompson's Gallery, London, UK    
  2009 DANIELLE EUBANK, Matrushka, Los Angeles, CA USA    
    OIL ON WATER, Found Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
2007 DANIELLE EUBANK, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
2004 BOROBUDUR SHIP EXPEDITION, Thompson’s Gallery,London, UK    
2003 BRISTOL WATERS, CUSP Gallery, Lincolnshire, UK    


  2018 WATER WORKS, Channel Islands Maritime Museum, Oxnard, CA USA    
  2017 THE OCEAN OF MEMORIES, Taiwan Academy, Westwood, CA USA    

UP THE CREEK, West LA College, Culver City, CA USA


ECO-ART: AN EXHIBITION, Golden West College Art Gallery, Huntington Beach CA USA

  2016 DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT LEBANON, Oriental Museum at Durham University, Durham, UK    
    SMALLER FOOTPRINTS, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA USA    
  2015 BALANCE UNBALANCE CONFERENCE, “Water Imbalance” Co-curator, exhibition theme creator, and artist, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ USA    
  2014 OKINAWA VICTIMS OF MILITARY RAPE trIBUTE, Muhammad Ali Center Museum, Louisville, KT USA    
    HALF THE SKY: INTERSECTIONS OF SOCIAL PRACTICE ART, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China    
  2017 Slate Gallery, Oakland, CA USA    
    ECO-ART: AN EXHIBITION, Golden West College, Huntington Beach CA USA    
    LA ART SHOW, bG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
  2016 TRANSPORTED, [featured exhibition] Bleicher Golightly Gallery, Santa Monica, CA USA    
    Melissa Morgan Fine Arts, Palm Destert, CA USA    
    EARTHLY DELIGHTS, Avenue 50 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
    FLIGHT PATTERNS, Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA USA    
  2015 WATER: A NECESSARY CONVERSATION, Avenue 50 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
    RAIN DANCE, Bankhead Theatre, Livermore CA USA    
    WILDERNESS MIND: ACTIVATING WONDER, Modest Fly Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
    WATER, PRECIOUS AND ALLURING, La Galeria Gitana, San Fernando, CA USA    
    EARTH AIR FIRE WATER, McGroarty Arts Center, (Co-Curator) “Earth Air Fire Water” Los Angeles, CA USA    
    CAPELLI D'ANGELI GRANT WINNERS, Gallery on the Green, Canton, CT USA    
    A MATTER OF TASTE, La Galeria Gitana, San Fernando, CA USA    
  2014 OIL AND WATER, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL USA    
    MASTERS OF ILLUSION, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA USA    
    WATER: A UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHT, Robert Morris State Street Gallery, Chicago, IL USA    
    HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA, Henley Royal Regatta Gallery, Henley, UK    
    SPECtrUM-GESTalt, bG GALLERY, Santa Monica, CA USA    
    trEASURED MEMORIES, La Galeria Gitana, San Fernando, CA USA    
    ARTS AT PLAY, McGroarty Arts Center, (Curator) Los Angeles, CA USA    
    WINGS AND WATER, River Arts Center, Prairie du Sac, WI USA    
    PASADENA SHOWCASE HOUSE, Pasadena Showcase House of Design, Pasadena, CA    
  2013 HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA, Henley Royal Regatta Gallery, Henley, UK    
    BITE ME, McGroarty Art Center, (Curator) Los Angeles, CA USA    
  2012 HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA, Henley Royal Regatta Gallery, Henley, UK    
    WILDERNESS MIND: DISSOLVING DUALITY, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA USA    
    THE SUMMER EXHIBITION, Thompson's Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
    JUST IN CALIFORNIA, McGroarty Arts Center, Tujunga, CA USA    
    SONG OF THE LAND, Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, CA USA ,  
  2011 WHAT IS MODEST TO YOU?, Modest Fly Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
    URBAN OCEAN FESTIVAL, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA USA    
    SCAPES, Bleicher/Golightly, Santa Monica, CA USA    
  2010 SUMMER, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
    BLUE PLANET, SOMArts, San Francisco, CA USA    
    ABStrACTION, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
  2009 THE AUTUMN EXHIBITION,Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
  THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
  GROUP SHOW, Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA USA    
2008 THE CONTEMPORARY SHOW, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
2007 SUFFOLK, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
THE REGENTS, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
THE STUDIO, Tile Kiln Studios, London, UK    
TWO BEACONS, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
DANIELLE EUBANK AND COLIN MOORE, D’Arcy Gallery, Cheltenham, UK    
2006 FIRST THING MONDAY MORNING, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
RED BOATS, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
2005 MINIATURES, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
JURIED SHOW, Brighton Annual, Brighton, UK    
TWO PERSON SHOW WITH COLIN MOORE, Battersea Contemporary, London, UK    
BALI, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
HIGHGATE, Tile Kiln Studios, London, UK    
2004 trAVELLING THE WORLD, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
SCOTTISH ARTISTS AND ME, Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, UK    
2003 INAUGURATION, Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK    
2002 PICTURES, Seven Seven Gallery, London, UK    
THE BODY, Henshaw Arts Centre,Yorkshire, UK    
2001 THE STUDIO, Tile Kiln Studios, London, UK    
SOMEONE TO LOOK UP TO, George House Gallery, Folkstone, UK    
2000 HIGHGATE, Tile Kiln Studios, London, UK    
1999 WOMEN, Collyer-Bristow Gallery, London, UK    
1994 THESIS EXHIBITION, Wight Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    
1991 BACHELOR OF ARTS, Wight Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA    

CHANNEL ISLANDS MARITIME MUSEUM, “Painting the Earth’s Oceans” (Keynote Speaker), Oxnard, CA USA

  2016 SMARTCHANNEL.TV, Quinn, Joan; “Joan Quinn Profiles,” television interview, Los Angeles CA USA    
    VERDUGO HILLS ART ASSOCIATION, (Keynote Speaker), La Cañada Flintridge, CA USA    
  2015 AVENUE 50 GALLERY, “Water: An Essential Conversation” (Panelist), Los Angeles, CA USA    
    BALANCE UNBALANCE CONFERENCE, “Water Imbalance” Co-curator, exhibition theme creator and artist, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ USA    
    THE EXPLORERS CLUB, “Danielle Eubank, Painting Earth’s Oceans” (Keynote Speaker), San Diego, CA USA    
  2014 THE ARCTIC CIRCLE 2014 AUTUMN EXPEDITION, an art and science sailing expedition to the High Arctic, Svalbard    
    DJERASSI, “Making a Living as an Artist: Embracing Failure and Success” (panel discussion), Woodside, CA USA    
    McGROARTY ART CENTER, (Curator) "Arts at Play" art exhibition, Los Angeles, CA USA    
  2013 (2008 - Current) EXPEDITION ARTIST, Phoenicia, a re-creation of a 6th century BC Phoenician sailing vessel, departed August 2008 from Arwad, Syria and travelled a total of 20,000 miles. The ship sailed through the Suez Canal, around the Horn of Africa and down the east coast. She rounded the Cape of Good Hope. The voyage continued up the west coast of Africa, through the Straights of Gibraltar and across the Mediterranean and returned to Syria in November 2010. Spring 2012 she sailed to London, UK, for an on-board exhibition. In 2013-2014 she will sail to New York, USA, for an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.    
    McGROARTY ART CENTER, (Curator) "Bite Me" art exhibition, Los Angeles, CA USA    
  2012 NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESITIVAL, Screening of “Mozambique VI”, a short film about the evolution of a painting by Danielle Eubank, Newport Beach, CA USA    
    BEVERLY HILLS COUNtrY CLUB, (Keynote Speaker), Beverley Hills, CA USA    
    SIERRA CLUB, (Keynote Speaker), La Crescenta, CA USA    
    VERDUGO HILLS ART ASSOCIATION, (Keynote Speaker), La Cañada Flintridge, CA USA    
  2011 SUNLAND TUJUNGA ART ASSOCIATION, (Keynote Speaker), La Crescenta, CA USA    
  UNITED STATES GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, (Keynote Speaker), Santa Monica, CA USA    
  HENLEY ROYAL REGATTA, invited artist, Henley, UK    
  2008 WSRADIO, Philly Joe Swendoza and Ally Bling Bling; “Art Rocks,” radio interview "Painter Documents Voyage of Ancient Phoenician Vessel," San Diego, CA USA    
    SANTA MONICA BAY AUXILIARY for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, (Keynote Speaker), Santa Monica, CA USA    
  HOUSE OF SA’UD ROYAL FAMILY, commission for a series of five portrait paintings, Saudi Arabia    
DECKCHAIR DREAMS, commissioned by The Royal Parks Foundation, London, UK    
2007 UNVEILING, by His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz of a portrait of General Sir Peter de la Billiere at the Naval and Military Club, London, UK    
2005 ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, Bali, Indonesia    
ROTARY CLUB (lecture), Bali, Indonesia    
2003/4 EXPEDITION ARTIST, Borobudur Ship Expedition, an 8th century replica Indonesian wooden sailing ship, travelled for eight months from Indonesia to Seychelles, Madagascar, South Africa, and Ghana. Paintings and photographs, created on the voyage, were exhibited at Thompson’s Gallery in London, UK.    
CAPE TALK RADIO, “Lisa Chait in the Afternoon,” radio interview, Cape Town, ZA    
2002 UNIVERSITY OF THE AMERICAS (lecture), Puebla, Mexico    
2001 BBC RADIO 4, Damon, Dan; “Broadcasting House,” radio interview, London, UK    
BBC WORLD SERVICE, Lamont, Angela; “SoundBytes,” radio interview, London, UK    
2000 BAFTA, (juror) British Association of Film and Television Awards for interactive art, London, UK    
BAAS, (lecture), London, UK    
1998-00 EUROPRIX MULTIMEDIAART, Steering Committee for the Europe-wide contest in creativity for multimedia art, Brussels, Belgium    
1999 SESTOCOM, (lecture), Milan, Italy    
DIGITAG, (lecture), Geneva, Switzerland    
1998 PROFILE INTERMEDIA, “Fusion” (lecture), Bremen, Germany    
DTI, Tour of Japan and South Korea for the Department of trade and Industry    
DTI (lecture) Sheffield, UK    
1997 CADE 97, (Keynote Speaker), Darby, UK    
  2016 Anhar, Nazam; MILAD THE VOYAGE TO OPHIR. London: Scholastic Press, cover (reproduction only)    
    Nava, Michelle; “Adjunct Faculty Member Recognized Internationally for Art,” THE VOICE MAGAZINE, May 18    
    Luk, Cody, “Multimedia Professor is a Full-Time Artist,” CAMPUS TIMES, March 11    
  2015 Newlove Schroeder, Amy; “L.A. Artist Danielle Eubank travelled to the North Pole to Find Inspiration,” LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE, April 14    
    Eubank, Danielle; “Abstract Arctic,” ARTVIEW, (cover and feature article) May    
    Scarborough, James; “Danielle Eubank's Arctic Circle Expedition, Part Two,” HUFFINGTON POST, January 13    
    Clark, Krystee; “Wilderness Mind,” VOICE OF THE VILLAGE, June 1    
    Zeiger, Christine; "'Earth Air Fire Water: An Environmental Exhibit' is More Than an Elemental View,” EXAMINER, March 13    
    Eubank, Danielle; “Expedition to the High Arctic,” ARTQUENCH MAGAZINE, Q1 2015    
  2014 Dambrot, Shana Nys; “Expedition Painter Danielle Eubank’s Body of Water Works,” ARTBOUND, September 26    
    Scarborough, James; “A Conversation with Danielle Eubank, Expedition Artist, On Her Upcoming trip to the Arctic Circle,” HUFFINGTON POST, August 17    
    Eubank, Danielle; “Reflections Through Formalism,” INTERNATIONAL ARTIST, June/July    
    Eubank, Danielle; "Abstraction," ARTQUENCH MAGAZINE, Q2 2014    
  2013 Zeiger, Christine; “Egg Pan Hob - Four delectable delights not to be missed at McGroarty Arts Center” EXAMINER, March 20    
    Beale, Philip and Taylor, Sarah; SAILING CLOSE TO THE WIND. London: LCP Limited, cover (reproduction only)    
  2012 Zeiger, Christine; “Solo Exhibit at the Ebell of Los Angeles Features Paintings by Danielle Eubank,” EXAMINER, May 11    

Anjar, Nazam; “Voyage of the Phoenicia Makes History,” ANOUJOUM, May

    Georgius, Bob; “Historic Ebell of Los Angeles to Host Works by Expedition Artist Danielle Eubank,” VOICE OF THE VILLAGE, May 1    
    Zeiger, Christine; "Just California": McGroarty Arts Center's First Gallery Exhibit Ever,” EXAMINER, March 9    
    Houchin, Jackie; “Painter of Water,” VOICE OF THE VILLAGE, February 1    
  2011 Houchin, Jackie; “Artist Danielle Eubank Offers a Reflection in Waterscape,” CRESCENTA VALLEY WEEKLY, August 4    
    Thompson, John; “Danielle Eubank: The Phoenician Ship Expedition Exhibition,” CATALOGUE, June    
    Denny, Shannon; “Water Music,” MARYLEBONE JOURNAL, (cover and feature article) June/July    
    Dr DeMullé, David; “Local Artist on Display in Leading London Gallery,” THE FOOTHILLS PAPER, April 29    
  2010 Eubank, Danielle; “How Green is Your Painting? Thoughts on Cleaner Art,” DAILY NEWS, November 14    
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1993 Eubank, Danielle; “Formal Elegance and Multi-Modal Command Objects,” SIGGRAPH VISUAL PROCEEDINGS (artwork and essay)    
  RITZ-CARLTON, Marina del Rey, CA USA    
The Explorers Club    
Women’s Caucus for Art (Second Vice-President, Executive Committee, Eco-art Chair    
SCWCA (Board of Directors) Eco-art Collective    
McGroarty Arts Center (Board of Directors)    
UCLA’s Gold Shield    
National Museum for Women in the Arts    
College Art Association    
2015- MULTIMEDIA Adjunct Professor, University of La Verne, La Verne, CA USA    
2007 PLEIN AIR PAINTING INSTRUCTOR, ART d’OC, Languedoc, France    
1994 ADOBE ILLUStrATOR INSTRUCTOR, UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA USA    
1991-94 TEACHING ASSISTANT, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA USA    
Danielle Eubank
Tile Kiln Studios, London. Photo credit: Colin Moore
Eubank May 2008
Danielle in Los Angeles 2008. Photo credit: Fletcher Beasley

Danielle Eubank makes every effort to create her artwork in an environmentally responsible manner. She uses the highest quality materials. This includes low VOC or no VOC paints, thinners, and mediums, and FSC certified wood for stretchers. She recycles whenever possible.